At Texas Best Construction, we provide high quality contracting work all over the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our experienced team of contractors are here for you to perform all types of home and business renovations and construction. We have particular experience with insurance claims small and large, to help repair storm damage, tornado damage, and more.

We offer a wide range of fantastic services- think of us as your one stop shop for reconstruction and remodeling. We can help with roofing, siding, gutters, painting, fencing, flooring, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Whatever you need, we can provide!

We started out to provide a service in which we have the knowledge and experience needed to get things done right. We saw so many people working with contractors who frankly aren’t qualified to do the job properly, and we wanted to give those people a better option. We also provide stucco and EIFs work, which helps us to stand out from the crowd even more.

To find out more about what we have to offer, just check out the rest of our site, or get in touch- we look forward to helping transform your home or business into a building you can depend on!

While many contractors in Dallas offer roofing repairs, only we specialize in stucco and EIFs work, to ensure that your home or business is fully protected against the elements, and give you the peace of mind that you need when it comes to repairs. We guarantee that you won’t find a better stucco and EIFs contractor anywhere else in Dallas or Fort Worth, so why waste your time? Come straight to the best, and find out why our customers love us.

We specialize particularly in insurance-related repairs, as this is where we started out. We find that many properties in Dallas suffer from hail damage in bad weather, whether that’s to their roofing, siding, fencing or painting. We can even help you to build your claim, thanks to our expertise in the same software that insurance companies themselves use. However, we also proudly offer our services to anyone who wants or needs them.

We know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quote we give you- we always provide the best possible prices to our customers, but never compromise on quality. We don’t think you should have to pay over the odds to keep your property in the best possible condition, and we therefore price our services accordingly.

Recently, a woman asked us to take a look at her bathroom, which another contractor had started work on. However, it was so badly done that her faith in contractors had been deeply shaken, and she just wanted someone to clean up the mess. We didn’t feel right just leaving the job half finished, though- so not only did we clean up the other contractor’s mess, but we also carried out a complete overhaul of her bathroom, and she was delighted with the results. We try and turn every project into a success story, and get the job done right first time at an affordable price.

When you come to us, you’re also setting yourself up with a reliable point of call whenever you need something else done to your home or commercial property. Our customers keep coming back to us thanks to our long list of success stories. We often find that people call us for a simple job, and are so delighted with the results that they call us whenever they need something else done. We pride ourselves on building up strong relationships with our customers, so whatever you need, just get in touch, and we’ll provide you with an outstanding service time after time.

When a customer calls our business then can expect great quality service with a whole range of options. We’re extremely passionate about what we do, and that passion is reflected in the final results. Whether you’re making an insurance claim after your property has been damaged, or just need a little home improvement, we’ve got just what you need.

While others might offer a few extra services, they don’t go the whole hog like we do- and if they do, they probably won’t do them properly. What makes us stand out from our competitors is the fact that we’re happy to carry out small jobs such as exterior painting, whereas others only think in terms of which services bring the most money.

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Incredible work done by some pretty amazing people!

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