About Us

Texas Best Construction is not new to the game in regards to construction experience in a multitude of opportunities. Since 2006 Josh and Brandy and company have served clients in a variety of ways. From insurance restoration work, full remodeling in commercial and residential, many customers have chosen Texas Best Construction to meet the demands and needs whether for residential or commercial needs. In more recent years by way of necessity the founders Josh and Brandy Helm in an effort to create space decided to build a Barndominium in 2015 to serve the needs of family as well as office space on the local homestead. Building a home can be a very enjoyable experience and gives opportunity to customize the needs of ones family to best improve the quality of living and comfort of the home. Throughout the homestead build and during the efforts of combining best ideas to put the most desirable scenario together, the opportunity presented itself to keep going down the path to improve the process with better building science practices and help others accomplish building they're dreams as well. More now than ever it seems even more difficult to link up and find people that will follow through and finish what they start. Texas Best Construction takes pride in all of the details of the work and eagerly pursues excellence throughout the process to better serve the good fine customers who choose them and trust them to do the job. We hope you will take the time to get to know and understand better why choosing Texas Best to build your Barndominium or Custom Home can be a fun and enjoyable experience as we pursue to better the process day by day.