Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you build?

We service 60 miles for turnkey and 100 miles for shell-only builds from our office in Red Oak, TX.

Do you have plans for sale?

Yes! View our floor plans at

I am not in your service area, can you refer another builder in my area?

Try asking for references on some of the Barndominium Facebook Groups or reach out to your local metal or steel supply company and see if they recommend a builder.

How long does the process take to build a Barndo?

Once your financing is ready and your contract is signed, there can be an expected 6-8 week waitlist. Usually, build time can take anywhere from 8-10 months once construction starts. The size of the build, weather delays and special material orders could all play a factor in timing of the build.

How much does a Barndominium cost?

To get a ballpark estimate on cost with updated pricing, check out our Barndo Cost Calculator.

Does Texas Best provide appliances?

Our pricing doesn’t include any appliances, those are provided by customer. We also do not include landscaping or driveways unless requested at an additional cost.

Do you finance?

We do not finance the projects, we do, however, work with the lender of your choice that will be funding the interim construction loan. We will make construction draws to the lender based on the progress of the job.

Are Barndominiums cheaper than a conventional home?

No they are not. Barndominiums are custom homes. The only way they would be cheaper is if you were building it out yourself. If obtaining an interim construction loan, most lenders will require a general contractor.

What should I do to get the process started?

If you are not paying cash, you will need to get a pre-approval from your local bank for the interim construction loan. You need to decide the location you want to build and pick or design your floor plan. After you have all of these preliminaries done, then call Texas Best Construction for next steps.

Does it cost more to go up (add a second story) or go out (bigger footprint)?

The cost pretty much balances out, to add a second floor you have to beef up the subfloor, add a stair case and railings.

Do you have spec homes that we can walk through?

We do not currently have any spec homes to tour. Once our custom builds are complete, our customers take possession of the property. Please check out our YouTube channel for our final tour videos to see finished projects.

Where can I get a Texas Best hat or t-shirt?

Check out our store on the website!

How does Josh get his beard so nice and straight?

He just blow dries it!

For any other questions please contact our office (469) 552-8205 or visit our Contact Us page.